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This site in it's current form has been active since August 2011.
The Original site was active since 2004 but shut in 2009.

More About Me:

I collect Alice In Chains/Layne Staley memorabilia, and buy it too!
If your looking to sell anything at any time just drop me a line.
i originally set up the site in 2004 under a subdomain for 2 years, the proceeded to upgrade to a TLD in 2006.

Since then i have had contact with Nancy (see below), been listed on the old AiC website (pre-BGWTB) and been in touch with others who share the same thoughts of Layne.
Most of those people i was in touch with have since disappeared, except for one.

I'm always looking for more and more ways to spread the word of Layne's Work/Name so if you have any ideas, please dont hesitate to contact me and tell me. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
Also, if you have a questions regarding how the site was made etc. Feel free..

These are some pics of the letter Nancy sent me.
Im sure she sent these often but i thought I'd share with you.

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