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Biography Layne

Some crucial info

Layne Staley

Layne Thomas Staley was recognized as the more 'gloomy' person of the bands he was in by the public. But in fact all the band members have said that he was a kind, sensitive and humorous guy.

Layne was in three bands: Alice In Chains, Mad Season and Class of '99.

Alice In Chains was Layne's band, formed alongside Jerry, Sean and Mike (Starr). They'd been going strong since 1987 and had been formerly known as 'Alice 'n Chains'. Diamond Lie were Jerry's glam rock band and if you look on a search engine of some sort your sure to find pictures of the band in their gear.

Mad season (or 'Gacy Bunch') were a side project which consisted of members from Screaming trees and Pearl jam and of course Layne. Layne's last public words were spoken in song on Mad Season's first and only album. Named "Above", The album was decorated with Staley's drawings. The band split after the death of both bassist Baker Saunders and Layne.

Class of '99 was a 'one-off' band which done two covers in its appearances, these were Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' parts two and three. The tracks were featured on the soundtrack of 'Faculty', an American movie based around aliens and schools. Members of the band included Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello amongst others.

After a long 5 year public silence layne decided to talk to Adriana Rubio, A South-American journalist who wrote the book 'Angry Chair' which contains the last ever interview with Layne Staley. The book focuses on interviews with Layne's immediate family (Mother and Sister) throughout, but has Layne's last public words recorded from a phonecall.
The book is not an authorised publication from the Layne Staley Estate, and has been subject to immense criticism, however it is a popular and exciting book. Copies are scarce and have known to reach in excess of $100 online.

Born on August 22nd 1967, Layne passed away on 5th of April 2002. Coincidentally, the same day Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He was found almost 2 weeks after and rumours circulated around him decomposing. I've been informed, is not true. Officers on the scene were very respectful and people were able to see Layne that one last time before the funeral.

Sadly since this website has been in construction, Mike Starr, former bassist of Alice in Chains, and one of Layne's friends 'til the very end, passed away.

Reports suggested that he never really got over the death of such a close friend (Layne) and his demons finally caught up with him, as did Layne's.

Unfortunate, his life may have been, but he influenced a generation of fans who will never forget him. It seems a tragic end for the man, who was reportedly, the last man to have seen Layne alive.. No longer are their wings denied.

Rest In Peace - Layne Staley - Mike Starr

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Discography Layne

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Discography Layne

Mad Season


Barrett Martin: Drums/Percussion +More
Mike McCready: Guitar
John Baker Saunders: Bass
Layne Staley: Vocals/Guitar
Mark Lanegan: Vocals ("I'm Above","Long Gone Day")
Nalgas Sin Carne: Saxophone ("Long Gone Day")
Above - Released: 1995
  1. Wake Up
  2. X-Ray Mind
  3. River of Deceit
  4. I'm Above
  5. Artificial Red
  6. Lifeless Dead
  7. I Don't Know Anything
  8. Long Gone Day
  9. November Hotel
  10. All Alone

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Site Info. Layne

I collect Alice In Chains/Layne Staley memorabilia, and buy it too! If your looking to sell anything at any time just drop me a line (Desktop Version required).

I originally set up the site in 2004 under a subdomain for 2 years, then proceeded to upgrade to a TLD in 2006.

Since then i have had contact with Nancy (Layne's mom), been listed on the old AiC website (pre-BGWTB) and been in touch with others who share the same thoughts of Layne. Most of those people i was in touch with have since disappeared, except for this:

I'm always looking for more and more ways to spread the word of Layne's Work/Name so if you have any ideas, please dont hesitate to contact me (via the Desktop version of the website) and tell me. All feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, if you have a questions regarding how the site was made etc. Feel free to fire away

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